Prenuptial Agreements

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Most often people associate Prenuptial Agreements with protecting family or inherited wealth. However, Prenuptial agreements, which are executed prior to a marriage, not only protect assets of the parties entering into the marriage, but they can also provide financial security, and a level of certainty for a spouse with less earning potential and/or fewer assets. Prenuptial agreements can also be important to those entering a marriage with children from a previous relationship and/or if a party to the marriage has been previously divorced and their assets have already been divided once.

Our office can help you assess your needs and determine how a Prenuptial Agreement can establish financial stability between you and your spouse upon entering into a marriage.

Enforcing Prenuptial Agreements

Do you have a prenuptial agreement and want to enforce it? Are you contemplating divorce and want to know how your prenuptial agreement will impact support and division of assets upon dissolution of your marriage? We can review your agreement and advise you as to how to proceed to enforce the terms of that agreement. We will answer your questions about how your prenuptial agreement affects custody and child support. We will work with you to help achieve the goals you established when you signed the prenuptial agreement at the commencement of the marriage.
I will guide you through this challenging period in your life to reach the best outcome for your loved ones, your finances and your future.
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