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My office focuses almost exclusively on family law. My years of experience in this area will provide you with the expert advice you need in determining how to proceed with your case and provide you with the confidence to determine how to resolve the issues that arise during your journey to divorce.

I use my years of experience as a family law and divorce attorney to educate and guide my clients. I give frank and honest advice. I discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case with you, I help you understand the range of potential outcomes for your case, and I make specific recommendations as to how I think you should proceed.

Boutique Law Firm Shrewsbury MA

Working with a small boutique firm such as mine provides personal and consistent professional service and expertise. I will be the attorney attending court appearances with you, answering your calls, communicating with the other parties on your behalf, guiding you through your litigation and strongly advocating for your best interest.

Worcester County Probate & Family Court Remote Hearings

Many judges use Zoom for remote hearings. We have created a list of zoom links required to attend remote hearings.
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Attorney Teresa C. Scibelli

Attorney Teresa C. Scibelli
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Divorce & Family Law Practice Areas

Process Options

Everyone's situation and goals are different. I will guide your through the process of selecting which option best suits you and the needs of your family in order to reach your goals.

Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury lawyer shrewsbury ma

After suffering an injury from an automobile accident or other traumatic event, you need an personal injury attorney that will zealously advocate on your behalf so that you are compensated for your financial and emotional loss.

At our office you will receive personal attention and your attorney will return your calls. We will guide you through every step of the process from obtaining reimbursement for your medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses to the final resolution of your case.

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I will guide you through this challenging period in your life to reach the best outcome for your loved ones, your finances and your future.
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