Family Law Litigation

Family Law Litiagation

While it is true that the majority of family law cases can be resolved by settlement, there are times when it becomes necessary to pursue litigation. Divorce litigation in particular can be intimidating and scary. It is important to have an attorney by your side that is experienced in family law and divorce litigation.

I have more than fifteen years of experience as a family law litigator. I work very hard to educate my clients before each court appearance as to the range of potential outcomes so that the client can make a thoughtful and educated decision as to whether it is in their interest to submit a particular issue to the Court for a decision or whether they should work with the opposing party to resolve the matter. Over the years, my experience as a family law litigator has taught me to give frank and honest advice to my clients, to clearly explain the range of potential outcomes when submitting an issue to the Judge for a decision, to make a specific recommendations as to how I think the client should proceed, but ultimately, I respect the decision of the client in terms of how they wish to proceed. I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case with you and work to help you understand the issues and the rage of potential outcomes for your case.

Working with a small boutique firm such as mine, you can rest assured that I will be the attorney attending court appearances with you, I will be the attorney answering your calls and I will be communicating with the other party on your behalf. I return my clients calls. I understand that litigation causes a great deal of stress for clients. Before all court appearances, I work to educate my clients about the issues they will face in Court and discuss the range of potential out comes they can expect.

Family law allows for a great deal of discretion in decision making by the Judge. As a result, two Judges may reach totally different conclusions based on the same set of facts. Because of this, it is important to have an attorney by your side that is familiar with the practices and procedures in the court where your case is being heard. I focus my practice in Worcester County, Hampden County and Middlesex County. This allows me to gain a greater familiarity with those courts, their practices and procedures.

It is stressful to litigate a divorce. During litigation, you need an experienced family law attorney standing by your side that guides you through the process by listening to you and strongly advocating for your best interest.

I will guide you through this challenging period in your life to reach the best outcome for your loved ones, your finances and your future.
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